Oversea's Missions

St Luke’s Church has a long tradition of supporting links with overseas missionaries, organisations and link parishes; as well as supporting many other organisations, charities and appeals at home and abroad. At present our overseas efforts are focussed on two particular links:

Kibirizi Parish in Rwanda: We have a developing link with this rural parish in the south west of Rwanda close to Kigeme.  

Children Singing in Kibirizi Nursey School

Youth Choir sing to greet visitors from Sway

Pastor Alfred and Yvette, with their children, Obed, Beullah and Gad

Kisiizi Hospital, Uganda:St Luke’sChurch  has supported Kisiizi Hospital for many years. Kisiizi is a remote rural hospital in Uganda.  Founded in 1958 by Dr John Sharp under the auspices of the then Rwanda Mission (CMS).  It has since been handed over to the Church of Uganda and now has around 210 beds

John Pawson outside Kisiizi Hospital

Operating Theatre at Kisiizi Hospital