December 2020

Dear Neighbours

Never has there been a more poignant time to pray “Lord bring your light into the darkness.

Thank you for Jesus as the light of the world.” The image above of a home and a church represents faith at home and faith at church. Jesus is not confined to the walls of the church and never has been. This year has been quite a lesson in that. He offers comfort and joy wherever we are. Many people experience the joy of God through the awesome wonder his stunning creation - all around us in this beautiful part of the world. Others find an oasis of peace in St Luke’s Church by lighting a candle or by just sitting in the silence and soaking in a peace that is beyond our understanding. We have sorely missed meeting up physically, but we give thanks for the adventure (albeit painful at times) into all things digital via you tube, video platforms and social media. We have learnt valuable new skills on a very fast learning curve. Who had heard of Zoom before March 2020? Many of us have found lockdown and the threat of the virus an almighty prompt, to reflect deeply on our approach to community, to social justice, consumerism and ask “What our priorities in life?” Others have just found enough energy to keep going as key workers, coping with work and business and the challenge of home-schooling children.

This Christmas we rejoice with those who rejoice, and we weep with those who weep.

We give thanks for the work and gift of explorations in science to understand and develop a long -awaited vaccine. We give thanks for the eternal hope we have in Jesus. May we receive comfort and joy this Christmas as we look forward to joyous celebrations yet to come. Stay safe.


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