Timeline  for Consultation  AND LAUNCH OF THE NEW 3 YEAR FORWARD PLAN. 

17 March  Verbal invitation at services to take part and consider how church members can contribute and be part of the Forward Plan.  

22 March  E- mail the 3 year Forward Plan and share draft ministry areas and summaries  asking for comments and contributions by 23rd April.  Invite to an Information Evening in church on 30th April. 


16th April APCM- review of 2023 and the story so far towards the Forward Plan starting June 24. 

23 April  Communicate PCC draft objectives within each ministry area and invite comments and contributions with a deadline of  June 1st. (This is the What ? How? and When?  detail  to deliver the objectives in each ministry area) 

30th April 7pm INFORMATION EVENING- A brief presentation then opportunity to break out for discussion at tables hosted by PCC members representing the different ministry areas to listen to your questions, ideas and suggestions. 

18th June:  PCC meet and adopt the final draft of the Forward Plan. 

Sunday 23rd June : Archdeacon Jean visiting to preach and launch the new 3 year Forward Plan.

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